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I’m 100% accessible, both as a public figure and as a business owner. The truth is, I have to be available for my business to succeed, which helps me secure my family’s financial future while helping others do the same. This blog won’t be any different. I’m available to readers who are inspired by my journey and those who see themselves reflected in my hustle. I want to hear from you all. I want your questions, emails, honest opinions, comments, and suggestions. I’m open to your complaints too because how else will I improve. Seriously though, my PR business she PR, my retail operations She Brands Inc., and my speaker platform, didn’t happen overnight.

I’m super transparent about many successes and failures. Along the way, I’ve heeded the advice of many people like my husband, who told me, “you can do all these hard things beautiful girl” to friends, well-intentioned, and even some respected peers who said “girl, you can’t do that.” I listened, learned, decided, and I grew forward.

Playin in Dirt Co. shares all of those experiences and the results of my decisions. The most exciting part of my journey is sharing it with my village. My village rocks and you guys will soon meet everyone in it. (Remind me to let them know that they’re now accessible too).

I enjoy sharing information and connecting others to their purpose or idea. I also enjoy it when you like the things I love and share with you. So feel free to share where ever you hang out. I’m not keen on rules, but a little housekeeping is necessary: I have to ask you not to use my exact content, including layouts and designs without permission or without noting their origins in your post. All photos by “Playing in Dirt Co.” must be credited and linked to the original post. Also, any comments which are deemed inappropriate, including spam, offensive comments, rude language, self-promotional spam, and other items unrelated to the post, will, of course, be deleted. Other than that, join me and get involved with the Playing in Dirt Co. community:

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