Why Changing Your Mind is Good Business

It’s easy to become attached to the business idea you had when you first started. But what happens when that idea isn’t producing the number of zeros you are used to making? (i.e. that time I built and ran a six-figure business in another country and I didn’t even speak the language.)

Bottom line, the market is what drives business. As the needs of the customer changes, we must be willing to pivot to continue to accommodate the customer.

Pivoting in business is smart

No we didn’t close our store. We simply expanded our business to maximize on the strengths we already possess (community building) to the customer base we’ve already established.
Don’t be so locked into an idea and prevent your business from growing beyond your initial dreams.

Pivot doesn’t mean failure or desperation. It simply means you are smart enough to 1.) Get over yourself 2.) take the existing business and solve a new problem.

There is nothing wrong with change. In fact, change is necessary. Failure of the initial idea isn’t failure of the business. And if anyone tries to insinuate otherwise, they too can go and step on a lego….or several.

I said all of that to say, instead of asking “what’s wrong”, ask “what’s right”. We’re just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bomb diggity and living our dream.