4 Ways Being an Entrepreneur Made me a Better Mom

No question about it, being a parent, mom – let’s start there, is the toughest job on the planet. Every friggin moment of parenting is challenging, demanding, terrifying – okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it can be the most mind-bending yet most rewarding job ever. Imagine all of the new skills you learn on the job. So what can anyone else possibly teach moms? Well considering that creating a business is often compared with having a baby it stands to reason that moms can learn from others who create, nurture and raise little humans of sorts, example: the entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a mom, I’ve implemented countless lessons learned from owning a business, observing my peers in business, which ironically enough didn’t come with the parenting manual we all thankfully received when the first baby is born. You know, the manual (wink, wink).There’s a lot that you could learn from those deep in the trenches of starting or running a business.

Failure is part of the journey

It’s inevitable. Plan for it. Failing is one of those facts of life. The emotion we attach to it, however, is what takes potentially sinks the ship. So, ditch the thought of having to be perfect. Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order. Stop it. Just stop it. I know the “all eyes on me” feeling all too well. But whether they are or not, is not your concern. Focus instead on your response and recovery because failing is NOT failure. And if anyone is indeed watching, especially your impressionable precious babies, what they should see is that failing is part of your journey and despite failing you’re still good for the journey, and you haven’t given up.

You need a Board of Directors (BOD)

Hear me. Your Board of Directors cannot be the people in your life you talk to the most. Take care with choosing these select few who you will turn to for help and guidance with big decisions.Why? Because mom, even if you could do it all yourself, that won’t be the best use of your time and talent. The best part? A BOD keeps you accountable to the goals you’ve set for your family’s success.

It’s all high stakes at this point

Kids? Your family? = High Stakes. So do yourself a favor and have a decision-making process. A process you often consult minus the emotions. When emotions are high and the moment is heated, reach out to your BOD to help process your thoughts. Pivot to something routine, or just chill-out but do not, with your progeny’s eyes on you, make any emotional decisions. Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. The worst thing you can do is make life decisions while your heart and mind are in disagreement. The stakes are way too high.

Remove stress

One word: Bandwidth. You’re doing the most important job in the world which comes with its own built-in stressors. You don’t have room for extra stress. No one has time for that.