Why is Lakesha Cole Blogging?

I’m often told that I already do a million and one things. My initial response is “so what’s one more thing?” It’s a serious question for a busy mom, wife, and serial entrepreneur like myself. The truth is I have the privilege of being involved in many fascinating ventures on a weekly basis. Blogging will help me bring you all the good snippets of my life and sometimes the bad too, depending on how things go. I’m known to piss people off occasionally. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.If I didn’t have a blog, you’d have to constantly search my Facebook and my IG and my Twitter to piece it all together. Who has time for stalking? wasn’t always a business owner either. I had a great 9-5 job but found myself unemployed, even with all of my awesomeness. So I started my business with $500 and grew it to six figures with little to no business experience. So why not blog about it? If you can, then do. That’s my motto.What I do is fill in the blanks for moms wondering how they can monetize their passion and make money doing what they love and expand their entrepreneurial mindset. I teach my entire journey, over and over and over again. It’s the number one reason I’m invited to speak on expert panels throughout the country and get to travel overseas on speaking assignments. None of this would mean anything to anyone else unless it’s your current dream as a busy stay-at-home mom or a mom who is over working an inflexible job to go from where you’re at to make a real difference and make a living doing what you enjoy.These are the things I do because I can. It’s honestly my attempt to keep going, and to keep it all going, at the same time: momming, bossing and milspousing, etc.Is it hard? Yes but not impossible.Am I exhausted? Hell yes! I’m 37-years-old with two babies, two and under. Does that not sound exhausting?Do I feel guilty? Sometimes, especially when I have schedule fails but now my nifty ROSIE planner keeps me on track. There’s something about being organized that makes me feel in control. I now feel more empowered and less guilty. There’s a formula to your specific lifestyle. Stick with Mommy Retailing, and you’ll find it.Folks will continue to ask “when will you find the time to blog,” “how will you juggle all of your commitments and blog,” “How will you do it all?” Well, we’re all going to find out at the same time, now aren’t we?And hey, what if it turns out I don’t actually “do it all”? That “doing it all” may just be a common misconception because you’re involved in a lot of things? What if there are ways to swing it all successfully without so much “doing”? Hmmm? We’ll talk about that soon, and I’ll share how I’ve managed to keep adding ventures and business opportunities. Hint: It’s called sanity savers.