5 Guilt Free Ways for Working Moms to Make Time for Herself

We all live crazy, busy lives. The one thing we never seem to make time for is ourselves. Having nothing to do for an hour or a day is the ultimate luxury, right?

Here are a few, easy guilt-free tips to get some me time:

1. Take advantage of waiting.While you’re waiting in the Commissary checkout line (because it’s always long), in the carpool lane, at the doctor’s office (also always long) or at dance practice, you can read, write or engage in other things that interest you. My friend Lorna keeps a spool of yarn and needle in her purse so she can crochet at any given moment.

2. Practice self-care during lunch break.I like to leave my office for lunch. I often come back refreshed and ready to finish the rest of my to-dos. Sometimes I take a walk, take a yoga class or make a quick run to Target. On a rainy day, I may read a magazine, listen to an audiobook or have lunch with a girlfriend.

3. Say bye-bye to your to-do list.Not permanently but maybe for a week. You know your job, and you know your business. Allow yourself to experience seven days without reminders. It sounds scary, I know. But by being less obsessed with checking things off of your list, you’re helping your mind focus on life’s top priorities. YOU!

4. Time block.Normally I would suggest blocking your time to accomplish related work tasks. It’s my tried and trusted method to get more work done in a short period of time. However, this time I suggest blocking time to do absolutely nothing. And if you can’t sit and do nothing, block time to do something fun like zip lining, hiking, bowling or catch a movie. Add this to your calendar well in advance and don’t move them under any circumstances.

5. Attend a conference. So yes, this is still technically working but business events tend to be a kid free zone. Most conferences are held in metropolitan areas. Take advantage of the conference events but also explore and enjoy the city solo.