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I'm mom to Kailey (15), Kirby (6), and Keegan (4). Raising good humans is my most important job. We are a veteran family and currently nestled in the Tampa Bay suburbs. 

I'm a proud HBCU graduate and earned a B.A. in journalism with a minor in public relations from NC A&T SU. I also hold an A.A.S. in retail marketing from Parsons, The New School (aka the Harvard of fashion). I've been featured by the Today Show, NBC News, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, Bustle, Attn:, Black Enterprise, EBONY, Military Families Magazine, Military Spouse, Military.com, and more. 

Public Relations is my day trade. I help women thought-leaders and public figures in entertainment and politics accelerate through strategy and media. I also own a few successful retail businesses. You can learn more at lakeshacole.com.

a creative entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Kesha

things you should know

I am an introvert and the oldest of 12.

I'm an Enneagram 5 - an Observer. I'm always thinking. I'm usually the quietest person in the room on purpose. I'm a realist and seek truth, loyalty, independence, and genuine relationships. I crave intellectual conversations but despise small talk. It's me, girl, not you. 

I’m a walking fact checker and yes I’m judging you. 

I'm the Olivia Pope of friends. I’m the one everyone turns to when they are in a crisis. I'm also the check on you friend. If you don't answer my call in a reasonable time, I might show up at your doorstep, with your favorite bottle and charcuterie board in hand.

I love to celebrate others and throw ridiculously obnoxious parties.

I love my HBCU. 

I am a small business champion.

I love DIY home projects.

Cooking Sunday brunch is my jam.

My favorite Saturday errand is walking the Aldi’s Aisle of Shame.

I'm obsessed with politics. Women's rights are human rights. We shut that patriarchy noise down over here.

I don't drink alcohol or coffee.

I value privacy, self-care and healthy boundaries. I fiercely protect my peace.

Yes, I'm one of those well-rested weirdos. I will always make time for eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is non-negotiable.

One of the best compliments I've ever received is, "you make me think I can win and believe it." That is my superpower!

If I'm your cup of tea, please stick around for a while.

Honey Lavender

is my ice cream of choice! (oh, with a scoop of sea salt caramel)

creative minds

inspire each other

pass on 

magic like wildfire

and, that is    

your power

shine brightly

no one is you